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Streaming films directed by Tibor Takacs



Director: Tibor Takacs

Action Science Fiction A prostitute (Yvonne SciĆ²) helps a U.S. smuggler (Rutger Hauer) evade assassins and seek revenge upon his traitorous partner (Mark Dacascos) in Moscow.Rutger Hauer, Mark Dacascos, Yvonne Scio, Ildiko Szucs
Sabina the Teenage Witch


Director: Tibor Takacs

Comedy Family Fantasy On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) comes to know she is a witch, as are her parents and aunts. Overcoming some initial hiccups, she embraces her new identity, but in her excitement she tends to overdo...Melissa Joan Hart, Ryan Reynolds, Sherry Miller, Charlene Fernetz
The Gate


Director: Tibor Takacs

Horror Cult When two boys accidentally dig up the the gates of Hell and summon an army of tiny demons, they have to work fast to stop the demons from turning them into human sacrifices, or a big bad demon king will soon be slitherin...Stephen Dorff, Louis Tripp, Christa Denton
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