Psychotronic Streaming Suggestions from the Art House to the Grindhouse

Streaming films directed by Jason Coffman



Director: Jason Coffman

Comedy Cult Horror Angie and Izzy get a housesitting gig that's too good to be true. A nice house, a big TV, and a platinum card to order in more food than they could ever eat in one lifetime! But there are a couple of catches: the big blo...Jamie Jirak, Annie Watkins, Peter Ash


Director: Jason Coffman

Horror Short Film Thriller Jim Carsten's wife Sarah is leaving him. Angry and desperate, he enlists the services of the mysterious Mr. Lake to exact revenge. Unfortunately for Jim, Mr. Lake's services come with a price higher than he could have im...Aaron Christensen, Michelle Courvais, Amanda Hiese
The Gamma-Ray Man


Director: Jason Coffman

Science Fiction Short Film Mild-mannered scientist Dr. Vance Lake (Doug MacKechnie) is betrayed by his research partner Dr. Ernst Vilious (Jerry Bloom) and Vilious's wife Anne (Susan Fay), becoming a strange inhuman creature. With the help of pluc...Doug MacKechnie, Margaret Katch, Susan Fay, Jerry Bloom
Final Assessment