Psychotronic Streaming Suggestions from the Art House to the Grindhouse

Streaming films with David Leisure

The Outsider (Gangster World)


Director: David Bishop

Action Science Fiction In a futuristic theme park, people interact with androids in mafia gangster scenarios, unleashing their deepest violent and sexual desires on the android characters. A new android, called the Outsider, is spontaneously c...Xavier Declie, Stacey A. Snyder, David Leisure, Jerry Doyle
Perfect People


Director: Bruce Seth Green

Comedy Made for Television After many years of marriage Ken and Barbara decide to change their way of living radically. In order to become more attractive they submit themselves not only under modern diets and physical education but also try plast...Perry King, Lauren Hutton, Priscilla Barnes, David Leisure
Goddess of Love


Director: Jim Drake

Fantasy Made for Television This campy romantic fantasy stars Vanna White as Venus, the goddess of love, who must return to the mortal plane after a hairdresser accidentally revives her statue.Vanna White, David Leisure, David Naughton, Amanda Bearse, Little Richard, John Rhys Davies
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