Psychotronic Streaming Suggestions from the Art House to the Grindhouse

Streaming films with Amanda Plummer

October 22


Director: Richard Schenkman

Thriller The lives of diner patrons are in the hands of a madman (Michael Paré) who opens fire in the place.Mark Boone Junior, Michael Pare, Ernie Hudson, Amanda Plummer
American Perfekt


Director: Paul Chart

Thriller Psychiatrist Jake (Robert Forster) decides to take a vacation during which he makes all decisions based on a coin toss. Driving through the California desert, he picks up Sandra (Amanda Plummer), who's been run off the r...Amanda Plummer, Robert Forster, David Thewlis, Fairuza Balk


Director: Matthew Bright

Action Cult Dark Comedy Following the arrest of her mother, Ramona, young Vanessa Lutz decides to go in search of her estranged grandmother. On the way, she is given a ride by school counselor Bob Wolverton. During the journey, Lutz begins to r...Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Dan Hedaya, Amanda Plummer
The Right to Remain Silent


Director: Hubert C. de la Bouillerie

Comedy Drama Made for Television Bright and eager to hit the streets in search of bad guys, rookie cop Christine Paly is disappointed when she's instead assigned to process criminals. Under the supervision of a tough but likable mentor, Christine quickl...Lea Thompson, Robert Loggia, LL Cool J, Amanda Plummer, Laura San Giacomo, Fisher Stevens, Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Dempsey, Colleen Camp, Judge Reinhold, Carl Reinhold, Dey Young
Final Assessment