Psychotronic Streaming Suggestions from the Art House to the Grindhouse

Streaming films with Joan Greenwood

Girl Stroke Boy


Director: Bob Kellett

Comedy Gay/Lesbian The straightlaced parents of a young boy who has, until now, shown no interest in the opposite sex, are surprised when he comes home with a person of undetermined gender from the West Indies.Joan Greenwood, Michaeel Hordern, Clive Francis, Patricia Routledge
The Man in the White Suit


Director: Alexander Mackendrick

Classic Comedy Science Fiction Chemist Sidney Stratton (Alec Guinness) is at a crossroads in his career. He's been trying to invent a long-lasting clothing fiber, but his unreasonable demands for high-end equipment have gotten him fired from job after...Alec Guinness, Joan Greenwood, Cecil Parker
Whiskey Galore!


Director: Alexander Mackendrick

Classic Comedy During WWII, an island community in the Outer Hebrides finds its whiskey stock has evaporated. Fate intervenes, stranding a cargo ship laden with the sought-after commodity just off shore. But water isn't the only thing ...Joan Greenwood, Basil Radford, Catherine Lacey
Final Assessment