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Streaming films with Dennis Quaid

Jaws 3


Director: Joe Alves

Action Adventure Horror After a young great white shark finds its way into a sea-themed park managed by Calvin Bouchard (Louis Gossett Jr.), workers try to capture it. But the facility's attempt to keep the shark in captivity has dire consequen...Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale, Louis Gossett Jr.


Director: Joe Dante

Adventure Comedy Science Fiction A scientifically miniaturized marine unexpectedly finds himself floating around the body of a hypochondriac, and trying to outwit saboteurs who want the device that shrank him. Attempts by his colleagues to retrieve the ...Martin Short, Dennis Quaid, Meg Ryan, Kevin McCarthy


Director: Carl Gottlieb

Comedy Atouk (Ringo Starr) is the leader of a small band of misfit cavemen who are part of a larger community headed by strongman Tonda (John Matuszak). Atouk is madly in love with Tonda's woman, Lana (Barbara Bach). He even ig...Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long, Jack Gilford


Director: Joseph Ruben

Comedy Drive-In Gorp is a delighfully silly send up of summer camp movies. It is set in a Catskills style resort for wealty Jewish kids. The main source of plot movement is from the following elements: camp waiters vs. camp management; ...Michael Lembeck, Dennis Quaid, Fran Drescher, David Huddleston
Postcards from the Edge


Director: Mike Nichols

Comedy Drama Substance-addicted Hollywood actress Suzanne Vale is on the skids. After a spell at a detox centre her film company insists as a condition of continuing to employ her that she live with her mother Doris Mann, herself onc...Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine, Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman
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