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The Godson (1998)

Director: Bob Hoge


After the death of his older brother, Guiseppe "the guppy" Calzone (Kevin McDonald, "KIDS IN THE HALL") becomes head of the Calzone Mob family. His aging father (Dom DeLuise) knows his son is not cut ...Rodney Dangerfield, Kevin McDonald, Dom DeLuise, Fabiana Udenio
Death By VHS (2013)

Director: Scarlet Fry


A battered and mysterious VCR. . . A bevy of lethal video-tapes. . . These are the building blocks of horror in "Death by VHS" - a mind blowing descent into madness and death. Five grisly, shocking ta...JHay Bennett, Brennen Benson, Kelsee Benson, Justin Blair
Stasis (2017)

Director: Nicole Jones-Dion

Science Fiction

After a night of partying, a teenage girl sneaks home only to find that someone's already in her bed, and the person looks exactly like her. She learns that a time-traveling fugitive has stolen her bo...Anna Harr, Mark Grossman, Phyllis Spielman, Tiana Masaniai
Christmas Queens (2017)

Director: Adrienne Gruben

Christmas Concert Films Cult Gay/Lesbian Music

Gentlemen: start your engines...and may the best Christmas-drag queen-concert-sing! Join Alaska, Ginger, Ivy, Jiggly, Katya, Manila, Phi Phi and Sharon in this holiday special featuring li...Katya Zamolodchikova, Sharon Needles, Michelle Visage, Jackie Beat
Roller Town (2011)

Director: Andrew Bush

Comedy Cult

When mobsters set up shop in the quiet beach community and try to turn the roller rink into a money-making arcade, the whole town falls under the zombie spell of video games. Refusing to give up, the ...Mark Little, Kayle Lorette, Scott Vrooman, Adam Robert Bayne
Black (2017)

Director: Kim Hong-san

Horror Korea Thriller TV Series

The story of a grim reaper who uncovers the truth about a serial murder mystery while breaking the rules of heaven and falling in love with a mortal woman after inhabiting a human body.Song Seung-heon, Go Ara, Lee El, Kim Dong-jun
Little Erin Merryweather (2003)

Director: David Morwick


A unique twist on the classic “Little Red Riding Hood” tale – when a killer begins attacking men in a small New England town, the investigation opens a fairytale world full of nightmares. Can a ...Frank Ridley, Vigdis Anholt, David Morwick, Elizabeth Callahan
Comic Book Independents (2007)

Director: Chris Brandt

Cult Documentary

Discover what it really takes to strike out on your own and become the next big name in graphic novels. Twenty-four respected creators unveil the secrets of the artistic mind, by talking about their f...Jessica Abel, Kevin Eastman, Erik Larsen, Scott McCloud
The Patriot (1986)

Director: Frank Harris


An ex-Navy S.E.A.L. overcomes his bitterness about the Vietnam war in order to save the U.S. from a group of terrorists who are smuggling nuclear weapons out of the country by way of an elaborate unde...Gregg Henry, Simone Griffeth, Michael J. Pollard, Jeff Conaway
Wormwood (2017)

Director: Errol Morris

Documentary Thriller True Stories TV Series

In this groundbreaking production, Errol Morris explores a CIA conspiracy involving LSD, Cold War secrets and the death of Army scientist Frank Olson.Peter Sarsgaard, Molly Parker, Christian Camargo, Scott Shepherd
Illtown (1996)

Director: Nick Gomez

Drama Thriller

Dante and his girlfrend Micky run a very profitable drug operation in a seaside town, aided and abetted by a host of teens who sell the smack at discos around town, as well as by Lucas, a corrupt cop ...Michael Rapaport, Lili Taylor, Adam Trese, Kevin Corrigan
Battlestar Gatactica (2004)

Director: Michael Ryner

Adventure Science Fiction TV Series

This update of the late-1970s series takes a decidedly darker tone as what's left of humankind struggles for survival against the robot Cylons, who have killed millions. The Galactica, led by William ...Edward James Olmos, Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park
The Secret Invasion (1964)

Director: Roger Corman

Action Classic Thriller

When the Allies need expendable soldiers for a highly dangerous mission, they offer pardons to a group of criminals in exchange for their participation. Led by the brooding Maj. Richard Mace (Stewart ...Stewart Granger, Mickey Rooney, Raf Vallone, Henry Silva
American Kickboxer 2 (1993)

Director: Jeno Hodi

Action Martial Arts

After her daughter is kidnapped by a terrorist, Lillian (Kathy Shower) recruits two men from her past to help save her child: gritty, take-no-prisoners policeman Mike (Dale "Apollo" Cook) and jacked-u...Dale Apollo Cook, Kathy Shower, David Graf, Ted Markland
Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2017)

Director: Peter Atencio

TV Series

What if I told you that Jean-Claude Van Damme - yes, THAT Jean-Claude Van Damme - was, in fact, a secret agent? That his entire film career was built solely as a front for his black ops? Would you bel...Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kat Foster, Moises Arias
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951)

Director: Albert Lewin

Classic Drama

Albert Lewin's interpretation of the legend of the Flying Dutchman. In a little spanish seaport named Esperanza, during the 30s, appears Hendrick van der Zee, the mysterious captain of a yacht (he is ...James Mason, Ava Gardner, Nigel Patrick, Sheila Sim
L'Age D'Or (1930)

Director: Luis Bunuel

Classic Cult France

In 1930, following their short film triumph UN CHIEN ANDALOU, Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí's created an hour-long avant-garde tour de force that's both an aesthetic avalanche of boldness and a with...Caridad de Laberdesque, Josep Llorens Artigas, Max Ernst, Germaine Noizet
The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

Director: Michael Powell

Adventure Classic Fantasy

Deceived and deposed by his sinister adviser, Jaffar (Conrad Veidt), Ahmad (John Justin), the King of Bagdad, must find a way to reclaim his throne. Enlisting the unlikely assistance of a thief named ...John Justin, Conrad Veidt, Sabu , June Duprez
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943)

Director: Michael Powell

Classic Drama

General Candy (Roger Livesey), who's overseeing an English squad in 1943, is a veteran leader who doesn't have the respect of the men he's training and is considered out-of-touch with what's needed to...Deborah Kerr, Roger Livesey, Anton Walbrook, Roland Culver
Woman in Witness Protection (1997)

Director: Juzo Itami

Comedy Japan Thriller

Biwako is the sole witness to a grizzly murder. When she is convinced to play bait for the killer two cops are assigned to protect her, one who is a super-fan and the other who couldn't care who she i...Nobuko Miyamoto, Masahiko Tsugawa, Masahiko Nishimura, Takehiro Murata
Fitzcarraldo (1982)

Director: Werner Herzog

Adventure Drama Germany

The story of Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald, an extremely determined man who intends to build an opera house in the middle of a jungle.Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Jose Lewgoy, Miguel Angel Fuentes
Mikey and Nicky (1976)

Director: Elaine May


One petty hoodlum's (Peter Falk) lifelong friendship with another (John Cassavetes) allows one to lead a hit man to the other.Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Ned Beatty, William Hickey
Black Narcissus (1947)

Director: Michael Powell

Classic Drama

A group of Anglican nuns, led by Sister Clodagh (Deborah Kerr), are sent to a mountain in the Himalayas. The climate in the region is hostile and the nuns are housed in an odd old palace. They work to...Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons, Kathleen Byron, David Farrar
Metropolis (1927)

Director: Fritz Lang

Classic Germany Science Fiction

Incorporating more than twenty-five minutes of newly discovered footage, this 2010 restoration of METROPOLIS is the definitive edition of Fritz Lang’s science fiction masterpiece. Backed by a new re...Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Heinrich George, Erwin Biswanger
Blackway (2015)

Director: Daniel Alfredsen

Drama Thriller

A vengeful young woman (Julia Stiles) recruits two men (Anthony Hopkins, Alexander Ludwig) to help her track down a former cop (Ray Liotta) who stalked and attacked her.Anthony Hopkins, Julia Stiles, Ray Liotta, Alexander Ludwig
Zatoichi (2003)

Director: Takeshi Kitano

Action Drama Japan

Blind traveler Zatoichi (Beat Takeshi) is a master swordsman and a masseur with a fondness for gambling on dice games. When he arrives in a village torn apart by warring gangs, he sets out to protect ...Takeshi Kitano, Tadanobu Asano, Yui Natsukawa, Yuko Daike
Jingle Bell Rocks (2013)

Director: Mitchell Kezin

Christmas Documentary Music

Filmmaker Mitchell Kezin explores unusual and underappreciated alternatives to traditional Christmas tunes with hip-hop legend Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons, filmmaker John Waters, DJ/musicologist Dr. Deme...Wayne Coyne, El Vez, Erin Moran, Joseph Simmons
The Limehouse Golem (2017)

Director: Juan Carlos Medina

Horror Thriller

A series of murders has shaken the community to the point where people believe that only a legendary creature from dark times – the mythical Golem – must be responsible.Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Mooth, Daniel Mays
Nightmares in Red White and Blue (2009)

Director: Andrew Monument

Cult Documentary Horror

Horror and sci-fi veteran Lance Henriksen (Alien) narrates this fascinating look at the history of the American horror film. Includes interviews with genre masters Roger Corman, John Carpenter and Geo...Lance Henriksen, Larry Cohen, Joe Dante, John Carpenter, Mick Garris, George A. Romero, Roger Corman, Tom McLoughlin
The Child's Eye (2010)

Director: Danny Pang

China Horror

A group of friends find themselves stranded in Thailand after unexpected airport closures. The only place with vacancies is an old, run-down hotel. As they uncover the history beneath the walls, they...Shawn Yue, Ka Tung Lam, Lawrence Chou
Chained (2012)

Director: Jennifer Lynch


A serial killer kidnaps a young boy after murdering his mother, then raises him to be his accomplice. After years in captivity, the boy must choose between escaping or following in his captor's bloody...Donna St-Jean, Eamon Farren, Julia Ormond, Gina Philips
April Fool's Day (1986)

Director: Fred Walton


When a group of college students decides to spend spring break at the secluded island estate of their wealthy classmate, Muffy St. John (Deborah Foreman), what starts out as a fun, hedonistic weekend ...Deborah Foreman, Amy Steel, Clayton Rohner, Deborah Goodrich
Fade to Black (1980)

Director: Vernon Zimmermann


A young social misfit attempts to escape his unsatisfying life by obsessive movie-going, becoming increasingly alienated from the real world. Ultimately, after being rejected by a Marilyn Monroe look-...Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson, Peter Horton, Mickey Rourke
Lethal Force (2001)

Director: Alvin Ecarma

Action Cult

After his wife is murdered and his son is kidnapped, a gangster is forced to betray his best friend -- a deadly killer -- in this off the wall satire that is to action movies what Wes Craven's "Scream...Frank Prather, Patricia Dugueye, Cash Flagg Jr., Andrew Hewitt
The Christmas Carol (1949)

Director: Arthur Pierson

Christmas Classic Drama

Dickens' classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge and three Christmas Ghosts that change his perception of life. Narrated by Vincent Price.Vincent Price, Taylor Holmes
The Teacher (1976)

Director: Howard Avedis

Cult Drama Drive-In

A beautiful and seductive small-town high school teacher (Angel Tompkins) seduces her star pupil (Jay North). Deranged desire leads to murder and mayhem when their careless, uncontrolled passion provo...Angel Tompkins, Jay North, Anthony James, Marlene Schmidt
The Rock: Ed Wood of the 21st Century (2010)

Director: Strephon Taylor

Cult Documentary

Documentary on David "The Rock" Nelson, the home-brew horror director who started making.. unique films in 1991.David The Rock Nelson, Janet Lynn
Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

Director: Michael Cooney

Christmas Horror

Jack, the chiller killer is back and he's mad as hell! When a laboratory experiment goes horrifically awry, the crystal killer is resurrected. This time around, Jack can't be killed by fire, bullets, ...Christopher Allport, Eileen Seeley, Chip Heller, Marsha Clark
Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

Director: Theodore Gershuny

Christmas Drive-In Horror

An ax killer stalks a lawyer (Patrick O'Neal) and his girlfriend in a house that used to be an asylum.Mary Woronov, John Carradine, Pascale Audret, Candy Darling
Jack Frost (1997)

Director: Michael Cooney

Christmas Cult Horror

When his prison transport collides with a truck full of "genetic material," condemned serial killer Jack Frost (Scott MacDonald) is inexplicably transformed into a terrifying, murderous snowman.Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker
B.C.: A Special Christmas (1981)

Director: Vlad Goetzelman

Animation Christmas

Peter enlists his sarcastic one-legged friend Wiley to help conjure a "myth" based on the spirit of giving.Bob Elliott, Ray Goulding, Barbara Hamilton, Henry Ramer
The Christmas That Almost Wasn't (1966)

Director: Rossano Brazzi

Children's Christmas Italy

Children unite to help Santa Claus (Alberto Rabagliati) and his wife, whose heartless landlord (Rossano Brazzi) wants the rent.Rossano Brazzi, Paul Tripp, Lynda Brazzi, Alberto Rabagliati
Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (1988)

Director: Paul Reubens

Children's Christmas Comedy Cult Family

Pee-wee Herman and pals are celebrating Christmas in the Playhouse in their own creative ways: Pee-wee makes a list for Santa Claus 1 1/2 miles long, teaches Little Richard how to ice skate, goes for ...Paul Reubens, Annette Funicello, John Paragon, Frankie Avalon
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (1961)

Director: Abe Levitow

Animation Children's Christmas Family

An animated, magical, musical version of Dickens' timeless classic "A Christmas Carol." The nearsighted Mr. Magoo doesn't have a ghost of a chance as Ebenezer Scrooge, unless he learns the true meanin...Jim Backus, Maury Amsterdan, Jack Cassidy, Royal Dano
A Very Brady Christmas (1988)

Director: Peter Baldwin

Christmas Comedy Made for Television

Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson) are looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with their six adult children and their friend and former housekeeper, Alice (Ann B. Davis...Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Ann B. Davis, Eve Plumb
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)

Director: R. Winer

Children's Christmas Cult Fantasy

When Santa's sleigh gets stuck in Florida, he tells a group of kids the story of Thumbelina, by showing them another movie.Jay Ripley, Shay Garner, Pat Morrell, Ruth McMahon
Santa's Christmas Circus (1966)

Director: Frank Wizarde

Children's Christmas Cult

Whizzo the clown takes a bunch of kids on a magic carpet ride to the North Pole to see Santa Claus, but not before the kids (members of the Johnny Miller Dance Studio) perform as circus animals in "Wh...Frank Wizarde, Johnj Bilyeu, Whizzo the Clown
Santa Claus (1959)

Director: Rene Cardona

Children's Christmas Cult Fantasy

he producers of the legendary made-in-Mexico SANTA CLAUS packed every magical, wacky holiday oddity known to man in to this wild, wonderful and strangely charming children’s classic! It’s not enou...Jose Luis Aguirre, Amando Arriola, Jose Elias Moreno, Cesareo Quezadas
Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers (2013)

Director: Havana Marking


Their crimes resemble high-octane Hollywood action movies: a sports car speeds through a Dubai shopping mall, crashing into the windows of a Graff jewelry store. Masked, gun-wielding men jump out of t...
Malignant (2013)

Director: Brian Avenet-Bradley


A man grieving his wife becomes a victim in a horrific experiment to cure his addiction.Brad Dourif, Gary Cairns, Nick Nicotera, Sienna Farall

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