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For the Love of Benji (1977)

Director: Joe Camp

Children's Family

Benji is lost and becomes a stray animal in Athens, Greece, trying to reunite with his family while secret agents pursue him, trying to get a formula which was glued to his paw in order to get it past...Patsy Garrett, Cynthia Smith, Allen Fiuzat, Ed Nelson
Benji (1974)

Director: Joe Camp

Children's Family

Benji is a stray who has nonetheless worked his way into the hearts of a number of the townspeople, who give him food and attention whenever he stops by. His particular favorites are a pair of childre...Patsy Garrett, Allen Fiuzat, Cynthia Smiith, Peter Breck
The Big Game (1973)

Director: Robert Day


Two soldiers of fortune are hired by an aging scientist to protect him and his invention, a radar-like mind-control device capable of forcing soldiers to fight. A rival organization kidnaps his son to...Stephen Boyd, France Nuyen, Ray Milland, Cameron Mitchell
The Black Hand (1973)

Director: Antonio Racioppi

Action Italy

Antonio, an Italian immigrant in New York, finds himself drawn into the Mob when his options are limited and his desire to make a new life for himself becomes increasingly difficult.Lionel Stander, Philippe Leroy, Rosanna Fratello, Michel Placido
Eaten Alive (1977)

Director: Tobe Hooper

Drive-In Horror

A crazy veteran's backwoods hotel comes complete with a hungry, hungry crocodile in Tobe Hooper's fearsome follow up to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. But the killer croc's not the only horror icon in t...Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Carolyn Jones, Robert Englund, William Finley, Marilyn Burns, Stuart Whitman, Roberta Collins
John Dies at the End (2012)

Director: Don Coscarelli

Comedy Cult Fantasy Horror

A new drug promises out-of-body experiences, but users are coming back changed forever, and an otherworldly invasion of Earth is underway.Chase Williams, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown
You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984 (2007)

Director: Joe Losurdo

Documentary Music

A documentary that looks back on the impact that the Punk movement had on the Windy City. Though overlooked in the annals of Rock history (compared to media-centric Los Angeles, New York, and London),...Steve Albini, John Kezdy, Jay Yuenger, Jeff Pezzati
A Woman Under the Influence (1974)

Director: John Cassavetes


This uncompromising portrait of domestic turmoil details the emotional breakdown of a suburban housewife and her family’s struggle to save her from herself. Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk give unforge...Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Lady Rowlands
Wings of Desire (1987)

Director: Wim Wenders

Drama Fantasy Germany

Wings of Desire is one of cinema’s loveliest city symphonies. Bruno Ganz is Damiel, an angel perched atop buildings high over Berlin who can hear the thoughts—fears, hopes, dreams—of all the peo...Peter Falk, Bruno Ganz, Otto Sander, Solveig Dommartin
The Player (1992)

Director: Robert Altman

Dark Comedy Thriller

A Hollywood studio executive with a shaky moral compass (Tim Robbins) finds himself caught up in a criminal situation that would be right at home in one of his movie projects, in this biting industry ...Tim Robbins, Greta Scacchi, Fred Ward, Whoopi Goldberg
Rivals (1972)

Director: Krishna Shah

Drama Thriller

Scott Jacoby, as a boy with an unhealthy and pathological attachment to his divorced mother, becomes increasingly jealous of the new man in his mother's life. After his mother remarries, his rage and ...Joan Hackett, Scott Jacoby, Robert Klein, James Karen
Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! (Rainbow) (1968)

Director: Bruno Corbucci

Action Italy Western

Outlaw Stark escapes from prison and after killing the man who sent him there, he is brought to Senor Quintana. Quintana's son, Fidel, is living with a group of outlaws and the Senor wants his son hom...Brian Kelly, Fabrizio Moroni, Erika Blanc, Keenan Wynn
Penelope (1966)

Director: Arthur Hiller

Classic Comedy

Although Penelope's (Natalie Wood) banker husband James (Ian Bannen) is in love with her, he is constantly preoccupied with business. On a whim, Penelope disguises herself as a sweet old lady and hold...Peter Falk, Natalie Wood, Ian Bannen, Dick Shawn
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964)

Director: Gordon Douglas

Classic Comedy Musical

The title indicates exactly what this is: a parody of the famed archer and his Merry Men, set in Chicago, just before the crash, when Prohibition was the road to riches for hoodlums. Big Jim Stevens (...Edward G. Robinson, Frank Sinatra, Peter Falk, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Victor Buono, Bing Crosby, Barbara Rush
Machine Gun McCain (1969)

Director: Giuliano Montaldo

Action Italy Thriller

California mobster Charlie Adamo (Peter Falk) pulls strings to get his old lieutenant, Hank McCain (John Cassavetes), out of the prison where he's spent 12 years for armed robbery. McCain's son, Jack ...Peter Falk, John Cassavetes, Britt Ekland, Gena Rowlands
The In-Laws (1979)

Director: Arthur Hiller


Peter Falk and Alan Arkin make for a hilarious dream team in this beloved American sidesplitter. Directed by Arthur Hiller from an ingenious script by Andrew Bergman, THE IN-LAWS may at first seem lik...Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Richard Libertini, Nancy Dussault
...All the Marbles (1981)

Director: Robert Aldrich


Veteran action director Robert Aldrich's last film, this curious mixture of comedy and sports (well, professional wrestling, anyway) is funny and compelling. Peter Falk gives a strong performance as H...Peter Falk, Laurene Landon, Vicki Frederick, Burt Young
Killing Spree (1987)

Director: Tim Ritter


A man suspects his wife of adultery and goes on a killing spree, eliminating all he believes are sleeping with her, but his victims don't stay dead.Asbestos Felt, Courtney Lercara
Secret Window (2004)

Director: David Koepp


While in the process of an ugly divorce from his wife (Maria Bello), writer Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) relocates to his remote cabin in upstate New York for solitude. Attempting to recover his mental h...Johnny Depp, Timothy Hutton, John Turturro, Maria Bello
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola


From Academy Award-winning director Francis Ford Coppola comes the remake of the classic and chilling tale about the devastatingly seductive Transylvanian prince (Gary Oldman) who travels from Eastern...Gary Oldman, Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Tom Waits
Jawbreaker (1999)

Director: Darren Stein

Comedy Dark Comedy

Death totally bites in this dark comedy about the skin deep beauty of the high school "in" crowd. Special appearances by Pam Grier, Carol Kane and Marilyn Manson.Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Carol Kane, Pam Grier
The Haunting of Julia (1977)

Director: Richard Loncraine


After the sudden accidental death of her small daughter, Julia Lofting (Mia Farrow), a wealthy American woman living in London, bolts her unhappy marriage and buys a house in Kensington which is haunt...Mia Farrow, Tom Conti, Keir Dullea, Jill Bennett
B: The Beginning (2018)

Director: Kazuto Nakazawa

Japan TV Series

Genius investigator Keith Flick rejoins the royal police force just as serial killer "B" emerges. Mysterious youth Koku may be an ally, or a target.Ray Chase, Kyle McCarley, Faye Mata
Ravenous (2017)

Director: Robin Aubert


In a small, remote village in upstate Quebec, things have changed. Locals are not the same anymore - their bodies are breaking down and they have turned against their loved ones. A handful of survivor...Marc-Andre Grondin, Monia Chokri, Charlotte St-Martin, Brigitte Poupart
Body of Evidence (1993)

Director: Uli Edel


Sex bomb Rebecca Carlson played by Madonna, parades around naked in front of the open windows of her houseboat at all hours, even while the lobstermen catch crabs. When Rebecca's latest conquest, a mu...Madonna , Willem Dafoe, Julianne Moore, Anne Archer, Joe Mantegna, Charles Hallahan, Mark Rolston, Richard Riehle
My Boyfriend's Back (1989)

Director: Paul Schneider

Made for Television Music

The producer of a TV special reunites the Bouffants (Sandy Duncan, Jill Eikenberry, Judith Light), a 1960s girl group that had one hit.Judith Light, Sandy Duncan, Jill Eikenberry, Stephen Macht
She Killed in Ecstacy (1971)

Director: Jess Franco

Cult Drive-In Horror Spain

For his follow-up to VAMPYROS LESBOS, writer/director Jess Franco delivered perhaps his most twisted shocker of the ‘70s: In what fans and critics consider to be her greatest role, the luscious Sole...Susann Korda, Fred Williams, Soledad Miranda, Paul Miller
The Young Seducers (1971)

Director: Erwin C. Dietrich

Comedy Drive-In Germany

The budding sexual urges of young women cause themselves and others trouble.Ingrid Steeger, Evelyne Trawger, Rena Bergen
Planet of Dinosaurs (1977)

Director: James K. Shea

Science Fiction

A space-shuttle pilot (James Whitworth) and his colleagues bail out on a planet full of prehistoric monsters.Derna Wylde, Harvey Shain, Mary Appleseth
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue) (1974)

Director: Jorge Grau

Horror Spain

A cop does not realize that those responsible for several murders are the living dead.Arthur Kennedy, Cristina Galbo, Ray Lovelock
Re-Animator (1985)

Director: Stuart Gordon

Cult Horror

A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus. Based on ...Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, David Gale, Barbara Crampton
A Blade in the Dark (Macabre) (1983)

Director: Lamberto Bava

Horror Italy Drive-In

Bruno is hired to compose the music for a new horror movie. But when several beautiful young women are brutally murdered within the house, Bruno becomes obsessed with solving the savage crimes.Andrea Occhipinti, Anny Papa, Fabiola Toledo, Michele Soavi
The Crazies (1973)

Director: George A. Romero


Ordinary citizens turn into homicidal maniacs after a chemical weapon is released.Lane Carroll, Will MacMillan, Harold Wayne Jones, Lynn Lowry
The Castle of Fu Manchu (1969)

Director: Jess Franco

Horror Drive-In

Christopher Lee returns as the diabolical super-villian who, along with his sadistic daughter Lin Tang, creates a fiendish new chemical weapon that will turn the seas into a giant block of ice.Christopher Lee, Richard Greene, Howard Marion-Crawford, Maria Perschy
Brad's Status (2017)

Director: Mike White

Comedy Drama

A trip to Boston with his college-bound son triggers a crisis of confidence for Brad Sloan (Ben Stiller) as he reassesses his life choices in this bittersweet comedy. Now on Prime Video.Ben Stiller, Austin Abrams, Jenna Fischer, Michael Sheen
Autopsy (1975)

Director: Armando Crispino

Horror Italy Thriller

When the city of Rome is rocked by a wave of violent suicides, a young forensic pathologist, wracked by hallucinations of the living dead, and a, running from his dark past, begin an investigation. To...Barry Primus, Ray Lovelock, Mimsy Farmer, Carlo Cataneo
The Loveless (1981)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow

Cult Drama Thriller

Willem Dafoe made his unforgettable movie debut as the leader of a 50s biker gang lost in a world of black leather, bad girls and sudden violence in the independent hit that marked the emergence of on...Willem Dafoe, Robert Gordon, Marin Kanter, J. Don Ferguson
Two Hands (1999)

Director: Gregor Jordan


A small time criminal losses the money for which was a courier and must escape the vicious mob boss who now hunts him.Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, David Field, Tom Long
Spreading Darkness (2016)

Director: John Eisenstadt

Action Thriller Eric Roberts

A corrupt CEO grows increasingly paranoid that he is being stalked by his former victims and a psychiatrist who rewards patients with pink socks. As bullets fly and bodies fall, sex and violence wreak...Robert Davi, Eric Roberts, James Duval, John Savage
The Killing Hour (1982)

Director: Armand Mastroianni

Horror Thriller

Young art student Virna has the unconscious ability to draw the future victims of a serial murderer, in this standard thriller that also involves Paul "Mac" McCormack, a sleazy talk-show host, and the...Perry King, Kenneth McMillan, Elizabeth Kemp, Jon Polito
Animal Farm (1999)

Director: John Stephenson

Drama Family Made for Television

Based on George Orwell's critically acclaimed novel. Mr. Jones is the negligent, drunken owner of Manor Farm, where the farm animals bear the brunt of his cruelty. One night, show pig Old Major delive...Kelsey Grammer, Patrick Stewart, Ian Holm, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Ormond, Pete Postlethwaite, Paul Scofield, Peter Ustinov
Bye Bye Birdie (1995)

Director: Gene Saks

Comedy Made for Television Musical

A manager (Jason Alexander) and his girlfriend (Vanessa Williams) concoct one last publicity stunt before his teen idol client enters the Army during the 1960s.Jason Alexander, Chynna Phillips, Vanessa Williams, George Wendt, Tyne Daly, Vicki Lewis, Marc Kudisch
The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980)

Director: Alan Roberts

Comedy Drive-In

A madcap comedy about Xaviera's attempt to make a film in Hollywood based on her book. Getting mixed up with some of the biggest crooked producers in town, she beats them all at their own game, and ma...Martine Beswicke, Adam West, Phil Silvers, Chris Lemmon
Traces of Red (1992)

Director: Andy Wolk


An erotic thriller about a West Palm Beach serial killer who slashes women with a letter opener, smears their faces with Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, steals their clothes and mails out lousy poetry th...Jim Belushi, Lorraine Bracco, Tony Goldwyn, William Russ
Slave of the Cannibal God (Mountain of the Cannibal God) (1979)

Director: Sergio Martino

Horror Italy

When her anthropologist husband disappears in New Guinea, Susan Stevenson convinces her colleague Dr. Edward Foster to lead her into the dark heart of the deadly jungle where the expedition is attacke...Ursula Andress, Stacy Keach, Claudio Cassinelli, Antonio Marsina
Young Billy Young (1969)

Director: Burt Kennedy

Action Western

An ex-sheriff, Ben Kane, tracks down the man who killed his son, Frank Boone, and seeks the help of a hired gunman, Billy Young, who was abandoned by his partner after killing a Mexican general. Kane ...Robert Mitchum, Angie Dickinson, David Carradine, Robert Jr. Walker
Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf (1985)

Director: Philippe Mora


A young girl whose sister was murdered by werewolves helps an investigator track down a gang of the beasts through the U.S. and Europe.Christopher Lee, Annie McEnroe, Sybil Danning, Reb Brown
The Moment to Kill (1968)

Director: Giuliano Carnimeo

Italy Western

Two famous gunmen, Lord and Bull are called to a southwestern town by Judge Warren to find a gold reserve worth $500,000, hidden by a Confederate colonel. The judge is killed and Lord and Bull have on...George Hilton, Walter Barnes, Loni von Friedl, Horst Frank
They Live By Night (1948)

Director: Nicholas Ray

Classic Thriller

Legendary director Nicholas Ray began his career with this lyrical film noir, the first in a series of existential genre films overflowing with sympathy for America’s outcasts and underdogs. When th...Howard de Silva, Cathy ODonnell, Farley Granger
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

Director: Arthur Penn

Action Thriller True Stories

During the Great Depression, Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway) meets Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) when he tries to steal her mother's car. Intrigued by his brazen manner and bored with her job as a waitres...Faye Dunaway, Warren Beatty, Michael J. Pollard, Gene Hackman

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